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My name is Raelene and this page is my CV.  Please have a look, I've been busy over the years and you will see that I have had two careers running simultaneously, a clinical one and an academic one.  I love them both.  I love teaching students and I love treating pain.  I'm not sure if I will ever retire from clinical work and I hope to be teaching clinically for as long as I possibly can.

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Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management/Orofacial Pain)

University of Sydney 2021

Bachelor of Science (Human Biology/Molecular Genetics)

Curtin University 1999

Graduate Certificate In Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Adelaide University 2014

Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT50307

Challenger Institute of Technology 2010

Certificate IV Governance

GEM College

Jan 2022


Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA)

Member Number: 30051


Raelene Clark B.Sc.

Myofascial Pain Consultant 1991-present


Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA)

Member Number: 30051

Director of “MyoSpray”

Professional Development courses in the stretch and spray technique of Travell and Simons


Company Director (WA)

Massage and Myotherapy Australia

November 2019 – current


Committee position

March 2018- June 2022

Massage and Myotherapy Australia

National Education Committee



Founder of Pain Free WA

Holistic Pain Management

June 2020-current


Februrary 2022 - present

Senior Orofacial Pain Practitioner

Headache, Migraine and TMJ 

Remede Wellness Medicine

September 2019 – Februrary 2022

Clinical Myotherapist

Karrinyup Wellness Centre

2013- Sept 2019

Clinical Myotherapist

LifeReady Physio

2016- April 2019

Clinical Myotherapist


Endeavour College of Natural Health

Academic in Biosciences and Myotherapy


Sessional Academic

Curtin University


Human Biology 133 and 134

Dec 2000

School of Biomedical Sciences Joint Board of Study and Advisory Committee

Edith Cowan University

2001- 2008

Taught the laboratory component of the units:

Human Genetics

Fundamental Biomedical Techniques

Advanced Biomedical Techniques

Forensic Genetics

Caretaker Lecturer Edith Cowan University

Semester 2 2007

Human Evolution and Ecology

Semester 2 2008

NNS2106 Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2

Endeavour College of Natural Health

July 2016-present Lecturer and Tutor


BIOE221 Clinical Examination

BIOH111 Human Biological Science

BIOH122 Human Biological Science


MSTR211 Myofascial Release

MSTT211 Myotherapy for the Upper Body

MSTT212 Myotherapy for the Lower Body

MSTA121 Anatomy and Palpation 1

MSTA212 Anatomy and Palpation 2


American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

Australian Pain society

June 1993

Topic: "Stretching to the Limit"

Event: An Holistic Approach to Coaching Women Athletes

Women's Sport Foundation of WA Inc

June 1993

Topic: Injury Prevention through stretching

Event: Regional Development Officer In-Service

Tennis West


Topic: Injury Prevention through stretching

Event: 1996 Invitation Players Camp U1 6s Boys and Girls Basketball WA



Topic: Myofascial Therapy for Podiatrists

Event: Professional Development Course

WA Podiatrists Assoc.

Developed an introductory course in the application of myofascial therapies for the clinical podiatry setting



Topic: Injury Prevention for Classical Music students

Event: Professional Development Day

School of Instrumental Music

Education Dept of WA

An introductory lecture for music teachers in how to prevent overuse injuries in their music students



Topic: Myotherapy: A New Approach to Muscle Pain

Event: 70th Spring School

UWA Extension Centre for Life Long Learning

An event to educate the public about myofascial pain in collaboration with Dr Simon Torvaldsen, Dr Robert Delcahno

and Mr Nick Marino



Topic: Teach Yourself Myotherapy: For Muscle Pain Relief

Event: 71st Summer School

UWA Extension Centre for Life Long Learning

Developed a short course to teach people how to self manage their myofascial pain


Nov 1999

Topic: Myofascial Therapy and the Dental Therapist

Event: Professional Development Day

Dental Therapy and Hygiene Assoc. WA

An educational event to teach dental therapists how to prevent occupational overuse injuries


Topic: Teach Yourself Myotherapy— for muscle pain relief Event: 72nd Summer School

UWA Extension Centre for Life Long Learning


February 2000

Topic: Myofascial Pain and the Podiatrist

Event: Continuing Education Event

The Australian Podiatry Assoc (WA)

A short course developed to introduce the clinical myofascial therapeutic techniques to podiatrists


March 2000

Topic: Myotherapy Workshop

Event: Continuing Medical Education Event

Swan Hills Division of General Practice

A lecture introducing the concept of myofascial pain to General Practitioners. Also was the precursor to developing

the RACGP QA & CE Program event: Myofascial Pain—New Skills for GP's. The Trigger Point Injection Technique.


June 2002

Topic: Myofascial Pain and Dental Ergonomics

Event: "Putting the Pieces Together" National Conference

Dental Therapy and Hygiene Assoc. WA

Guest speaker at the Duxton Hotel educating Dental Therapists in the strategies for preventing occupational overuse



Topic: Teach yourself Myotherapy

Event: 73rd Summer School and Winter School UWA Extension Centre for Life Long Learning

24th Oct 2002

Topic: Myofascial Pain—New Skills for GPs

Trigger Point Injection Technique

In collaboration with Dr Simon Torvaldsen

Activity#: 414897

Event: Continuing Medical Education worth 4 Professional Development points

RACGP and QA&CE Program. Developed this hands on workshop with Dr Simon Torvaldsen. Actively marketed the

event with the support of St John of God Pathology and Actimed Australia.


May 2016

Topic: Introduction to the TMJ

Event: Professional Development LifeReady Physio

Remedial Massage Therapists


May 2017

Topic: Blood Pressure, Massage & the Pregnant patient

Event: Professional Development LifeReady Physio

Remedial Massage Therapists


November 2017

Topic: Move Well

Event: Karrinyup Wellness Centre

Presentation for the general public about ROM, trigger points and stretching exercises to keep people mobile, in collaboration with Dr Shinae Brown-Rigg (Chiropractor)


April 2019

Endeavour Grand Rounds

The BioScience Approach to Clinical Myotherapy:

A Case Study

July 2019

Topic:  An Introduction to Temporomandibular Joint

Event:Professional Development LifeREady Physio Remedial Massage Team


October 2019

Topic: Myofascial Release

Event: PD LifeReady Physio Remedial Massage Team

PD introducing the concepts of Ida Rolf and Tom Myers


October 2019

Topic: MyoSpray for the Lower Body Module

Event:  In House PD for Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic

The first MyoSpray workshop teaching Remedial Therapists the stretch and spray technique of Travell and Simons, in collaboration with Alpha Cold Spray




Undertook clinical training in myofascial pain with Dr John Whiteside, Dr

Simon Torvaldsen, Dr Ben Daitz and therapists from the United States,

namely Nancy Shaw, Alice Friedley, Susan Alvord and Tim Sawyer PT.

Appears on the instructional videos of Dr Janet Travell demonstrating the

piriformis stretch with Nancy Shaw.

April 2018

Dry Needling Introduction and Advanced April 2018


1999 Second Semester Curtin University

Undertook a final year undergraduate research project at the Royal Perth Hospital Neurohistopathology Department studying the role of Presenilin 1 in Alzheimers Disease. Skills acquired included section cutting, H&E staining, Bielschowsky Modified Silver staining, immunocytostaining and Luxol Fast Blue/Cresyl Fast Violet staining.


Semester 1 1995 Edith Cowan University

Undertook practicum placement at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital 0E11 research facility learning the skills of PCR and reverse RNA to cDNA synthesis under the supervision of Dr Peter Kay.



Injury Consultant

Visiting Belgian Davis Cup Team

World Cup Tie Australia v Belgium 1-3

February 1 991

Royal Kings Park Tennis Club

Was responsible for the prevention, management and treatment of the visiting team's injuries


Injury Consultant

Tennis West

Elite Juniors Program

Was responsible for the prevention, management and treatment of the tennis players associated with this program. Espe-

cially the injury prevention aspect through stretching programs


Injury Consultant


Mens Basketball Program

Was responsible for the prevention, management and treatment of injuries at state level and AIS level

1 992

Injury Consultant

R&I State Basketball League All Stars Game

June 1992

.1992 Albury/Wadonga

1993 Adelaide

Injury Consultant

WA Metro U16 Mens Basketball Team

National Competition

Travelled with the teams and was responsible for the prevention, management and treatment of injury in the

lead up to the competition and whilst at the competition


Injury Consultant

WA Symphony Orchestra

Developed an injury prevention strategy for classical musicians, and was responsible for the management and

treatment of injuries.


Injury Consultant

Swan City Council

Developed an injury prevention strategy for waste management workers.


Injury Consultant

Swan City Council

Swan Park Recreation Centre

Devised an active seniors aquatic fitness program.


MARCH 2001


Topic: Trigger Point Injections (with Dr Simon Torvaldsen)

Event: Rural Doctors Program video recording of trigger point injection technique

Western Australian Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine

Sponsored by the Australian Medical Association


Has worked for many years for Agency Health Services initially as a Nursing Assistant and then as Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant. Assignments included many shifts in Aged Care facilities and an extended assign­ment over many months with Therapy Focus working with severely disabled children in WA Education Dept Special Education Schools.

JANUARY 2003 TO OCTOBER 2004 Became a mother!

Mia Isobel Clark 2nd January 2003

Michelle Amber Bristow-Clark 19th October 2004


Address: PO Box 1247, Scarborough  WA 6018

Phone: 0449 764 859



Professor Robert Delcanho

St John of God Hospital

McCourt St, Subiaco

9382 1200


Dr Simon Torvaldsen

3rd Ave Surgery

08 9272 5533


Nancy Shaw

Clinical Myotherapist

Nancy L. Shaw, Director
Myofascial Pain Treatment Center
6417 Loisdale Rd., Suite 308
Springfield, VA 22150


Dr Terry Fenn

(08) 9383 3077

Remede Wellness Medicine

13 Glyde St, Mosman Park

(08) 9286 1166


Mr Warren Kuhn

Basketball Coach

0419 938 919


Karrinyup Wellness Centre

9341 3020


LifeReady Physio

9322 1146


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0449 764 859

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