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Migraine Abortive


The GP's at Medika Health Clinic have undergone further training in optimising medications for migraine sufferers.

Migraine abortive treatment  usually incorporates an intramuscular dose of Sumatriptan which will stop your migraine.

An anti-emetic medication will also be administered to help with the nausea and vomiting which accompanies migraine.

Most of the medications used in the clinic are free, however the medication Sumatriptan will attract an out of pocket fee of at most $50.00.  

Therapy session

DC-TMD Assessment

Diagnostic Criteria-Tempormandibular Disorders

The DC-TMD is an assessment undertaken to quantify the degree of pain and disability a patient with jaw pain and headache is sufferering from.  Raelene Clark is able to assess patients with this assessment protocol for worker's compensation and motor vehicle insurance claims

Woman Sleeping

Sleep Hygiene Assessment

The importance of sleep in headache pain management cannot be overstated.  Lack of sleep or poor sleep is a significant amplifier for headache and migraine and has far reaching implications.  Restoring proper sleep is a mainstay of pain management, quite often using strategies that don't involve drugs


Treatment Modalities

Treatment modalities used in the clinic are

deep tissue massage

dry needling

periosteal needling

stretch and spray

exercise prescription

These modalities are aimed at the myofascial component of the patients pain.

Additionally other strategies are used to manage neuropathic pain.  Almost invariably neuropathic and myofascial pain occur at the same time, treating one and not the other is quite often the reason for treatment failure.  This dual approach is what sets Pain Free WA apart from other pain management practices

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