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Westminster clinic (08) 6186 0283
Subiaco clinic 1300 429 411


Mobile: 0449 764 859

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Perth Headache Network

Don't go to ED,  Perth Headache Network is equipped to handle your head pain 

  • Easy Free Parking

  • Clinical Co-Ordination with your GP to help you find long term relief from headache and migraine

  • Migraine sensitive clinic lighting in waiting room and treatment rooms

Migraine?  We offer an acute migraine clinic for those requiring care for migraine, but don't want to go to ED. Click here to learn more

We also treat all other headaches such as

  • TTH (tension type headache)

  • Cluster headache,

  •  Menstrual headache

  • TMJ dysfunction headaches 

  • Whiplash headaches

  • Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgias (TACs) 

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What happens when the biologics stop working, or don't work? What next? 

Perth Headache Network is a centre of excellence for headache patients, committed to helping you find comprehensive solutions to your head pain.

This acute care clinic is  to our knowledge the first of it's kind in Australia and is aligned with the Chronic Migraine Action Strategy to finally start providing meaningful relief for migraine sufferers.


PHONE  (08) 6186 0283

Medika Health Clinic now in collaboration with Perth Headache Therapist for the treatment of all types of headache
In response to the shortage of Emgality and Ajovy in WA we are pleased to announce that migraine patients can receive Vyepti by infusion at Medika Health Clinic.  To enquire please phone Medika on (08) 6186 0283
Vyepti IV Clinic at Medika Health 

Emergency treatment when it isn't an emergency

Perth Headache Network  is a private acute care clinic for those people with headache who aren't experiencing a life threatening emergency with their head pain, but still need to see a GP for headache rescue medications.  Raelene is able to assess your headache and either treat the headache herself or refer to the inhouse medical practitioners who are able to administer the appropriate treatments on site. 

Once the acute phase of the headache is over, your GP is notified of your treatment and a treatment plan compiled.  Together with your GP, your treatment plan is implemented.

Perth Headache Therapist patients can claim on the spot with their private health fund

Raelene Clark is the Clinical Co-Ordinator of the Perth Headache Network.  She conducts the initial assessment  which puts the pieces of your complex headache or migraine into a coherent picture and then together with the patient compiles a comprehensive treatment plan .  Part of that treatment plan maybe the construction of a migraine cocktail menu curated for you for implementation in the clinic for when the inevitable migraine attack strikes.  Rest assured that the appropriate medications will be on hand when you need them,  along with free parking and ambient light that doesn't burn your retinas and make your migraine worse than it already is. 

Once the acute phase of the head pain is over, your GP is notified and  your treatment plan is implemented.  Depending on your initial assessment this will most likely involve referral to practitioners within our Network who can help you find a solution to your pain.

Raelene is a member of the Australian Pain Society, the professional organisation for all pain practitioners
Painless Perth's premier chronic pain managment practice

Painless Health is Perth's premier private pain management practice. Painless is the chronic pain clinic affiliated with the Perth Headache Network.     At Painless, those patients with long standing headache and migraine can receive world class chronic pain management with their qualified and experienced practitioners.

Raelene Clark is the resident headache and migraine practitioner at Painless who can help direct you in the right direction on your pain journey expediating your recovery.

Practitioners at Painless are encompass GPs, pain specialists, psychologists, physiotherapists and Occupational Therapy Pain Coaches

motor vehicle claim patients can be treated at Perth Headache Therapist upon Dr's referral

Heading 1

  Perth Headache Network

Raelene Clark Perth Headache Therapist

Raelene Clark B.Sc., M.Sc.Med. (Orofacial Pain Specialty)
Senior Headache Consultant/Clinical Co-Ordinator

After so many years of seeing headache and migraine sufferers spending enough money to fund a small third world nation (a true quote from a headache patient!!) I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in the University of Sydney, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Pain Management Program, Orofacial Pain Specialty. This qualification would equip me to tell the difference between different types of headache,  which treatments work, what is the evidence-based management of headaches and tell the difference between neuropathic pain, myofascial pain, radicular pain and visceral pain. 


I graduated in 2021, only one of three therapists in Australia with this qualification. I know that migraine patients are on a merry go round of going to the emergency department, being sent home because their pain isn't a life-threatening emergency and facing a never-ending futile search for relief. I knew that Perth needed a service that, together with GPs, could deliver migraine rescue medications and post headache follow up. It needed to be a clinic that had free parking (there's nothing worse than having to pay for parking whilst carrying a vomit bucket and wearing dark glasses while you're in agony), ambient lighting, a quiet waiting room and wasn't going to cost the Earth. 


I found that perfect location at Medika Health Clinic. The GPs here, Dr Stephen Chalk and Dr Patrick Bushe are kind, compassionate and happy to collaborate for the benefit of Perth headache and migraine sufferers. 


I am also very happy to be the resident headache and migraine practitioner at the eminent private chronic pain management clinic, Painless Health in Cottesloe. Having a foot in both clinics allows me to access timely care for migraine and headache sufferers who need more advanced care than can be provided at Medika. Perth headache sufferers now have the latest in head pain care, which is affordable and timely. Waiting times to see a practitioner are slashed and care delivered when it’s needed. 

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